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Office Equipment Services - Clean, Repair and Service Fax Machines, Printers, Calculators, and Other Office Equipment

We will clean, service or repair any electronic office equipment (except computers and photocopiers). If you are having a problem please call us to discuss your needs.

Fax Clean and Service

  • Are you sending out dirty faxes?fax
  • What sort of company image is it portraying to your customers?
  • Test it by doing a copy on your fax.
  • What does it, look like?
  • Has the copy got lines running through it?
  • If its got marks on it or you can’t read it, how is the customer going to read it?

Calculator Clean and Service

  • Do the keys stick?
  • Is the calculator slow to turn on?
  • Is the paper misfeeding?
  • Has it been serviced, ever?
  • Can you clearly read the print out?
  • Printer Clean and Service

    • Are you printing out dirty copies?laserprinter1
    • What do your printouts look like?
    • Has they got marks on them?
    • Does the paper feed smoothly?
    • Has the printout got a grey background?
    • Does the printer make strange noises?

    Other Office Equipment

    Call us on 07 579-9901 and we will give you a no obligation quote to have your equipment serviced or repaired.